Looks Like Vegan’s back on the Menu Boys!

Today on BBC news I read through an interesting article about Sainsburys attempt to take on Aldi in a price war. Firstly, it should be common knowledge to all that know me; I’m a bit of an Aldi Fan Boy. You get a good selection of quality foods all representing, to me, excellent value. It’s hard to beat the prices. But that’s not all, no no. There’s plenty of other good reasons to love them.

In April 2020, Aldi committed to making 100% of its product packaging reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025, and in July 2018 Aldi partnered with How2Recycle a standardised labelling system to encourage its customers to recycle. It’s long been known that plastic packaging is difficult to recycle and more often than not, a waste of time so I applaud any company who promises to make a conscious effort to reduce that waste.

Their in store brands on some plant based/vegan essentials are difficult to beat. Aldi have several Alpro equivalents and compared to Tesco and Sainsburys, I’ve found, are on average 10-20% cheaper. As of the date of this article you can get a carton of Soya Milk, at Aldi for 55p, compared to 85p at Sainsburys. Last time I checked, Milk was considered an essential for many western Diets.

There seems to be a real focus on Price cuts to “250 popular items including meat, chicken, fresh fruit and vegetables and dairy” but that’s no good for anyone trying to live a Plant Based lifestyle. It’s almost counter productive to slash prices on Luxury items like Meat and Dairy but not on other plant based equivalents like meat replacements and dairy equivalents.

Even the store layouts at Aldi are seldom different. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to Sainsburys or Tesco and hunted endlessly for one item only having to suffer defeat and embrace my inner extrovert; and ask for… help finding an item. Not the case with Aldi. Nope! The layout is always the same. Everything is where it should be, every time. Shopping is efficient, quick and uncomplicated. This kind of simplicity is a successful factor when choosing where to shop.

I could bang on all day about Aldi and why they’re so great; the middle aisle, the friendly cashiers, speed at the tills and more importantly, the community the brand fosters – but those are stories for another time. I think if Sainsbury’s intend to compete, they will need to do more than offer lower prices. Introduce some Plant Based Essential Price Drops and they may well be able to imitate Aldi and cultivate some success but there’s still a lot more to Aldi than low prices.


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