Not another Vegan Chef

Hi Folks and welcome to the home of Proud Plant Based Provisions and Veritable Vegan Vivers. Here you will find great, original recipes and articles about current events in the Plant Based World. If you’re new to the world of Plant Based or just trying it out to see how you fare, worry not! I’ve got you covered. I won’t bamboozle you with macabre animal cruelty images and devastating environmental statistics. It’s about the food! Here’s a little about me and what I do:

My name Is Joel and by day, I work in construction, aka: “Vegan Boy” by my colleagues. By Night, I transform into, well, Joel: The mild mannered Plant Based Enthusiast. Qualified as a Personal Trainer and an Avid Food Nutrition Buff, all things fitness and health are my Jam. I live for good food, funny animal videos on YouTube and everything Lord of The Rings.

Here, you should find everything you need to get started making tasty food and living a healthy, plant based life. If you don’t, get in touch and I’ll get right on it!

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